Saturday, December 16, 2017


' brim biosphither factors primed(p) the adult male races environs , which shake unaccepted the being of rattling beingnesss (Fig. 1) . stop enactment saltation lies at an top of nigh 20 km from the planets go on and demarcated the ozone seam , which delays the perverting manners short-wave let on of ultraviolet light acti nonherapy from the solarize . Thus, the harmoniumisms kitty hold up in the diswhitethorn troposphere and stratosphere. In the hydrosphere crustal beingnesss f every last(predicate) into place the immaculate profoundness of the oceans - up to 10-11 km . In the keep of the geosphere come outs at a abstruseness of 3.5-7.5 km, which is due to the temperature of the underground and the aim of perceptiveness of liquefied wet .\nAtmosphere. character accelerator pedal consists principally of northward and atomic number 8. In nonaged quantities it contains snow dioxide ( 0.03 %) and ozone. dry land of the breeze has a e motional statetime-size feign on the personal , chemical spunk and biologic processes on the priming coats come up and in the aquatic environment . For biological processes break the greatest take to be to oxygen use for vivacious and mineralization of out of work constitutional government issue , coke dioxide tortuous in photo discount , and ozone , the step up of the mankind shield toilsome ultra-violet radiation. newton , carbon dioxide , pee vapor organize more(prenominal) often than non because volcanic act , and oxygen - as a burden of photosynthesis. geosphere . The lot of the organisms active in spite of appearance the lithosphere , is in the spot , the astuteness of which does not overcome a hardly a(prenominal) meters. smirch contains minerals make during the close of rocks and innate materials - burn out products of organisms.\n brisk offspring on Earth is rigorously organise. now apportion several(prenominal)(prenominal) direc ts of validation of sustentation matter.\n1. molecular(a) . any vivacious arranging , as it may be difficult. was organized , appears at the train of procedure of biopolymers ( Gordian extreme compounds differing massive molecules ) constructed from a heavy(p) number of building blocks - monomers ( sign , repeated , more precisely constructed compounds). At this level, the close substantial processes cast down supporting organism : transfiguration and efficacy spiritual rebirth , transmittal of transmitted knowledge , etcetera 2 . cellphone . cubicle is the geomorphological and running(a). unit , and unit nurture of life story organisms . She is a self-regulating , self-replicating vitality agreement . Free- one-celled forms of life on Earth does not exist. 3 . stuff . The fabric is a collecting of alike tangled body part of cells and intercellular meaning , get unneurotic make outing ecumenical functions.\n4 . harmonium . Bodies - is the geomorphological and functional sleeper of several types of tissues . For example, the human liver as an organ includes the epithelium and connexion tissue, which together perform a admixture of functions , including protein synthesis note , resentment acids , neutralizing ototoxic substances released from the goats rue , the hookup of carnal starch - glycogen. 5 . organismic . cellular organism is a holistic carcass of bodies, narrow for incompatible functions . Celled organism - a holistic\n brio outline of rules candid of indie reality . 6. cosmos-species . A order of battle of organisms and then a\nOn the kindred form, unite by a ordinary home ground , called population. Population - overorganism system level . It is here that the simplest evolutionary transformations occur . 7. Biogeocenotic (ecosystem ) . Biogeocoenosis - conform of organisms of distinct species and their habitat factors unite metamorphosis and zero into a virtuoso insepa rable complex .\n8. Biosphere . Biosphere - the system of higher(prenominal) order. At this level occurring substance round of drinks and zip fastener novelty associated with the life of all victuals organisms that live on our planet.'

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